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Artemis Fowl:The Eternity Code by Rowein Artemis Fowl:The Eternity Code by Rowein

This take me a months... just because I'm in a horrible hiatus and I can't draw or paint... but now I finished!! I can´t believe it.

Don´t ask me who is who of the characters, I can´t remember v_v (I read the book last year!... omg)

Well, like somebody ask me who is who in the picture. I post the list here:

On the top, left to right
- the blonde is Arno Blunt
- the guy with glasses is Jon Spiro
- The woman is Antonelli's daughter
- the red haired one is Loafers

In the middle is Artemis, of course :P

In the shadows, left to right
- Holly Short
- Juliet Butler
- Mulch Diggums
- Butler

[NOTE] Yes, Butler has hair. Why? Because is just the first impression that I have when I read the first book. And the author say that he's bald almost in the end of the book, so I always imagined with hair.
But I hope drawing him bald soon or later.

Al fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin terminé este maldito dibujo del maaaaal!!!!!!
Me tomó meses, yo diría que lo vengo haciendo desde marzo o febrero... pero lo dejé tirado harto tiempoooo, aún hay algo que me molesta y que no logro descubrir... Ahora, mientras revisaba unos archivos, vi el dibujo y lo completé... me faltaba pintarle los ojos a Artemis y el cubo, nada más XD
Pensé hacer una especie de póster del libro, que es lejos mi favorito de la saga de Artemis.

Artemis Fowl (c) Eoin Colfer
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November 14, 2007
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